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Cherished Teddies
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Item ct1


             Kelsie               1997

ID 302570 Retired


Item ct5


Segrid,Justaf & Ingmar 1998

ID 352799 Limited Edition Closed


Item ct6


            Kaitlyn              1997

ID 302600 Closed


Item ct8


       Vernon & Eve         2000

ID 706973


Item ct13


Nina   1997

ID 215864 Closed Event Exclusive


Item ct14


You grow more dear with each passing year 1997

ID 215880


Item ct15


Heather and Friends  1999

ID 662038 Exclusive 'Toys for Tots' Figurine


Item ct17


            Sammy             1993

ID 950726


Item ct18


              Franz               1997

ID 202436 Retired


Item ct19


              Erica               1996

ID 176028 Retired


Item ct20


             Wanda              2000

ID 786705


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